The True North principals are unique thinkers who simultaneously apply progressive AND pragmatic approaches while bringing a compelling operating mindset to their clients. Experienced and comfortable with organizational complexity, they harness targeted and informed technique to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and real results.

I have witnessed first-hand Andrew & John’s passion for aligning core activities; to make execution the primary focus of the business and to remove all superfluous activities that do not align to strategy.  The key to their practice is a deeply held belief that engagement through success creates the motivated workforce needed to deliver sustained growth and organizational excellence.

True North consistently drives results, often in really trying circumstances, developing your organization’s capabilities and people along the way.  Highly innovative, they can see the next step you need to take and guide its successful execution.

Andrew and John bring years of practical experience to the table, spanning key business functions.  They have seen a lot and know that often the most important step for a company is to get out of its own way.  Any organization requiring an injection of strategic focus, collaboration, and agility would benefit greatly from True North’s guidance.

Brian Sondergaard, Chief Innovation Officer at LeadingAgile; Experienced FinTech Executive

Joe Sefton Jenkins, CTO, Microgen Financial Systems

Greg Martin, Vice President of Sales; Senior FinTech Leader

Matt Bycroft, Executive Sales Leader

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