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Informed Transformation

Informed Transformation

Increased Capabilities

  • Is there clear evidence of what and how to change?
  • Does your culture discourage focus on the truly important?
  • Does organizational friction dampen results and morale?

Disciplines of Informed Transformation


Scale Know-How

Game changing execution isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. By assessing the success forged in your environment, by working inside-out, TN identifies the measures which could serve
the organization more broadly. Evaluating these in context with current capabilities and priorities, we pinpoint practical improvements that can be implemented swiftly. Whether these changes include scaling capacity of key roles, developing specific skill sets, or replicating execution approaches, all represent proven steps in which your teams already possess confidence, thereby dramatically reducing barriers to adoption.


Reduce Distraction

With scattered objectives and technology tools conspiring to undermine focus, organizations have become far more busy than productive. However, once inside-out transformation has
taken hold, the challenge of distraction can be meaningfully addressed. At TN, we discover how your team’s attention is allocated and develop clear-cut measures to drive out noise. Equipped with these recommendations, we guide leadership to recognize their culpability in creating distraction and to learn and coach new approaches. Through effective modeling, leadership becomes a guidepost for the organization to follow as detrimental practices are discarded.


Align Intent

An unintended consequence of organizational growth and functional specialization is the development of strong subcultures that often lead to self-defeating behaviors. At TN, we examine the health of the interaction between different organizational entities as well as the performance of supporting functions. This effort defines the changes required to re-establish a direct connection from organizational groups to the most important goals of the organization itself. Partnered with this correction is a steadfast promotion of the workgroup as the essential community operating within the company.

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