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Actionable Strategy

Actionable Strategy

Prioritized Campaigns

  • Is the practice in place to repeatedly advance strategy?
  • Does the approach promote rational decisions?
  • Does strategy create targeted campaigns?

Disciplines of Actionable Strategy


Build Capacity

Strategy needs to deepen over time, responding to inevitable and numerous changes. If you are unable to effectively refresh strategy you risk losing focus on what’s most important. At TN, we assess your organization to determine the capabilities required to iterate strategy skillfully, ensuring integration with planning and budgeting efforts. Ultimately, we provide you with a playbook detailing the who, what, and when required to keep strategy evolving.


Install Model

Strategy is a four-letter word in the modern organization. Its creation often follows a cumbersome path which lacks tangibility. At TN, we engage staff with a straightforward framework which allows strategy to be meaningfully progressed in a logical, stepwise fashion. Mapping your existing strategy efforts onto this framework highlights a specific set of gaps to be addressed. Through hands-on coaching, we drive the completion of the strategy framework and guide its ultimate approval.


Chart Course

Strategy in the absence of sound tactics isn’t actionable. Teams can’t leverage it directly to inform their everyday efforts and advance the cause of the organization. At TN, we draw from your existing strategic context to identify and prioritize initiatives worthy of intense pursuit, delivering a ranking of prospective initiatives together with a recommendation. Once finalized, we develop a measurable objective for the chosen campaign, establishing clear focus for the organization.

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