About True North

True North (“TN”) was forged from the singular belief that organizations have the potential to achieve performance levels which are much greater than present results would indicate. When Andrew Thompson and John Pfuhler decided to create TN, both had held a variety of senior leadership roles in companies with varying ambitions, sizes, and cultures. And whether those companies were enjoying great years or experiencing challenging times, John and Andrew each felt significant frustration that much more should have been accomplished. They founded TN as a results-centric consultancy dedicated to partnering with companies to achieve outcomes consistent with potential.

The past two decades have witnessed an immense level of change in the workplace, fueled in no small part by the growing role that technology plays in our lives. Although well-intentioned, these changes have manipulated “standard practice” in business towards being busy and away from being productive. True North is here to roll up its sleeves and partner with you to identify priorities and create focus so that you can realize what is most important in business—differentiated results.

About Andrew Thompson

Throughout his career, Andrew has been passionate about the creation of sustainable workplaces and the link between culture and exceptional results. Andrew’s leadership responsibilities have included Sales, Services, Marketing, Product Management, Development, and Support. Whether in a small, private firm or a large, public-traded enterprise, he has stewarded teams of all sizes to deliver results consistently while building functions from the ground up, executing large-scale re-organizations, and recruiting and developing impactful talent.

Andrew is known for a pragmatic approach to strategic planning and an uncommon capacity to anticipate outcomes. His co-workers consistently cite his ability to create cultures founded on comfort and trust where change and development can thrive as one of his greatest strengths.

Andrew grew up in Texas and has a B.S. in Astrophysics and an M.B.A. with a concentration in Finance. While travelling extensively in both domestic and global roles, his career has led him to stops in Dallas, Atlanta, and the United Kingdom. He currently lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland and enjoys cycling, traveling, and reading.

About John Pfuhler

John’s leadership style and change management capabilities have developed through roles in both small, privately held companies and large, publicly traded entities. He has led Implementation, Product Management and Sales teams of varying sizes. A disciple of business psychology, John has an intuitive understanding of how human behavior influences workplace effectiveness. At multiple points in his career, he has been a key contributor on executive management teams charged with creating rapid growth and leading quick turn arounds.

When asked about John’s approach, his colleagues will consistently highlight a focus on engagement and inclusivity that guides his approach to driving results. He is an expert in organizational effectiveness, culture development and change leadership.

John was born, raised and started his career in New York City. He has since relocated to Northeast Pennsylvania where he focuses his time outside of work helping local not-for-profits develop and execute fund raising initiatives. John also provides free growth advisory services to small businesses in his local community.

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